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The method is made for certification and training to be attained by teachers. The full course is available now, and it is only 250USD$ for the whole course and unlimited consultations with Dr. Nina Soyfer (free of additional charge).

The brief intro to a couple of her past students is below in the video, but these were not teachers in training just students who used the IAMethod technique for their own development.

All additional skype sessions are free with Dr. Soyfer, and final certificate is received upon filling out a test with few questions, and having a friendly chat on skype, over lunch, coffee, or other setting that may be convenient to facilitate a relaxed conversation. Upon final examination of your understanding of the course, in an informal chat, Dr. Soyfer will certify you in IAMethod Technique, and Trademark, and you can produce your own courses from this one, given that you keep Dr. Soyfer in the loop and keep in touch to clarify anything you might need.

Dr. Soyfer doesn’t teach for a fee, all her session are free of charge. So as you puchase this course you will be emailed the full length recordings of the method, along with additional materials given to you as requested. many of them are already free online.

Please fill the contact form below, send the payment to iamethodschool@gmail.com paypal or as an e-transfer and you will receive the course in your email within the next 4 business days. Please do not forward the course to others, as these products are the only source of Dr. Soyfer’s income, since she decided to teach all for free.

If you require initial skype session before signing up for the course, you can request it, but students who commited to learning and applying IAMethod Technique will be given the preference at this time – only because if you are unsure learning this technique of joyful, effective, and stress-free teaching/learning is not right for you, perhaps it is best you look through the free resources first.

Dr. Soyfer will host more sessions in the future, for now here is a brief video to get a visual of her and her speech. And below is the contact form. Again, if you would like to be certified, email e-transfer or paypal to iamethodschool@gmail.com with your payment and the course will be sent to you by email.


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