About Dr. Nina Soyfer


Nina Soyfer, PhD (Music, Education, Composition), LRCM, ARCT

Dr. Nina Soyfer attended M.D. Leontovich Music College of Culture & Arts in Ukraine, and transferred to York University in Canada for her BFA (Suma Cum Laude), MA (Music, Musicology), and PhD (Music and Inter-Arts Education). Her doctoral research focused on improving education and developing effective teaching methods in music, integrated arts, and other subject areas. She analyzed these methods and developed a general theory grounded in and corroborated by research in neurophysiology, psychology, sociology, and pedagogy. During her graduate studies, she was awarded both OGS and SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier scholarships.

A Canadian Citizen originally from Ukraine, Nina Soyfer is trilingual (Ukrainian, English, Russian) and has integrated the European and Western practices of performance, academy, and research into a mindset of collaboration with educators, practitioners, scientists, and researchers sharing her desire to further improve the pedagogy, creation, practice, and performance of arts and other subject areas. She has teaching experience in private, community, post-secondary, and public school settings.

Dr. Soyfer continues developing her method and research through academic writing, facilitating and developing new programs, workshops, and teacher-training education.


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