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A few music albums and songs are available through direct download.

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Radiant Classics Nina SoyferRADIANT CLASSICS

Collection of Renowned Classical Compositions. Radiant Classics is a classical piano solo album featuring fresh interpretations and passionate performances of classical piano masterpieces, such as Beethoven’s Appassionata, J.S. Bach’s Toccata in D major, and Chopin’s Étude known as Ocean, as well as music by formerly suppressed Ukrainian composer Vasyl Barvinsky’s Preludes nos. 1 and 5. The performing artist, Dr. Nina Soyfer, combines a sensitive ear with strong, energizing sound, inspiring musicality, nimble and powerful technique.

© Copyright – Nina Soyfer / Really Records (191061651369)



Enjoy piano and singing bowl improvised yet thought through compilation of meditation and relaxation music. Classical and minimalism join into a fluent style heard in this CD.

© Copyright – Nina Soyfer / Really Records (191924600152)



A vibrant mix of digital techno groove, dance flow, and relaxing music with soft voice overlay. Enjoy deep bass, harp, strings, guitar, and even bassoons in this beautiful mix of classics with synthesized dub and techno sounds.
© Copyright – Nina Soyfer / Really Records (191061418306)



It’s for you to BREATHE

This single is fluent and ambient. It originally came from a dream and was expanded into a full score and sound track that carries an empowering message and heartfelt music, with plenty of texture and timbres to listen to.

© Copyright – Nina Soyfer / Really Records (191924946960)

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Lessons – and Consultations with Dr. Soyfer

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