Integrated Arts Method

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Education and the Upcoming Book Publication

Education and the Upcoming Book Publication

October, 2017 –  Education as a Way to Incorporate our Knowledge into Practice  This short and informative article is to...



IAM is an acronym for Integrated Arts Method, which is an alternate experiential, integrated, conducive, and student-centered music and arts pedagogical...


Experiential Principle

 Experiential Principle The experiential principle reinforces the idea of encoding new knowledge through physical and direct experience, allowing interpretive reflection...


Synthesis of Arts Principle

Synthesis of Arts Principle The synthesis of arts principle involves integration of experiences in related subject areas leading to personalized...


Conducive Atmosphere Principle

Conducive Atmosphere Principle   The conducive atmosphere principle reinforces high-quality training within an accepting and encouraging environment, which, in turn,...


Dr. Soyfer

Dr. Nina Soyfer is an academic, multi-artist (composer, conductor, pianist, vocalist, musicologist, prize-winning painter, poet, dancer/choreographer) as well as a...


IAM Drumming Instruction – How To

  IAM Music Pedagogy Drumming Instruction While initially the educator might allow students to “hit the drum” unsupervised, it is...